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Colorful PartyBurger - classic garnish

Colorful PartyBurger - classic garnish
Colorful PartyBurger

TIP: Serve the burgers with a skewer.

Ingredients for 20 burgers:

20 colored PartyBurger, item no. 1160
1200 g minced beef
5 sliced cucumbers
4 red onions cut into rings
10 cheddar cheese slices
10 edam cheese slices
20 bacon slices
10 salad leaves Lollo Bianco
10 salad leaves Lollo Rosso


1. Thaw the party burgers. Fry the bacon crispy without fat and remove it from the pan. Press minced beef into 20 patties of equal size and fry them in the pan with bacon fat

2. During the last 2 min. put cheese slices on top of the patties. Place a leaf salad (Lollo Rosso or Lollo Bianco) on the bottom half of the burger and top it with the patty. Cover the burger with cucumbers, red onion rings or bacon slices to taste. Then put on the lids of the burgers.

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Colorful PartyBurger - classic garnish