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Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy

EDNA sustainability strategy

It was already in 1983 when the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) set up by the United Nations discussed a concept of sustainable development which “responded to the needs of the present generation without endangering the satisfaction of the future generation’s needs”. To us, an owner-managed family business, this sustainable way of thinking has always been firmly embedded within our enterprise policy and is still perceived as a highly important factor of presence by all employees. We ensure sustainable business practices and show consideration for all relevant stakeholders in our vicinity, having made healthy and continuous growth as well as economic success across the generations our goal. We thereby pay close attention to an efficient and environmentally friendly behaviour as well as the long-term protection of natural resources without necessarily equating sustainability with the word “renunciation”, however. We rather pursue the goal of a conscious, appropriate as well as qualitatively high consumption of our bakery goods. Strictly speaking, our dedication is composed of a range of aspects along the entire value chain, which ultimately unites the three main components economy, ecology as well as social issues.

Economical sustainability

Baking, deep-freezing and logistics are energy-intensive processes, which are continuously optimised by a fully developed and certified energy management as well as thus resulting convenient measurements in order to do business in the most energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient way.

Ecological sustainability

Top quality of our products, the highest standards of food safety along the entire production process, qualified employees in all departments as well as a consistent customer orientation with a versatile range of products and services generate value and turn us into a reliable high quality supplier that all customers on the out-of-home market can confide in for the long term.

Social sustainability

Room for creative possibilities, open-mindedness, flat hierarchies and contemporary social benefits move people to the centre of our business and create a pleasant working environment, in which working brings joy. Our Compliance Management System as well as actively living out our moral values ensure the law-abiding, fair and sustainable behaviour of all employees in particular towards our working environment as well as our business partners.