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Easter Bunny Burger

Easter Bunny Burger
Easter Bunny Burger

To make 10 flaguelines:

10 Pumpkin Flaguelines, item no. 56
500g hummus
200 g vayonnaise
200 g sliced red cabbage
200 g grated courgette
200 g grated carrots
2 jars of gherkins, sliced
10 veggie patties
20 black olives
10 pointed peppers


1. Toast the flagueline halves in a pan. Spread the bottom halves with hummus and the top halves with vayonnaise. Put on layers, starting with red cabbage, then courgette and finally carrots on top of the hummus.

2. Fry patties and arrange on top. To finish, garnish with pickled gherkins and put the lids on. With the help of toothpicks, secure the olives onto the buns as eyes.

3 Cut pointed peppers in half and, using toothpicks, fix as rabbit ears on top of the burger.

Hint: Depending on the type of patty, the burger can be made either vegan or vegetarian.

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Easter Bunny Burger