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Fitness Sandwich

Fitness Sandwich
Fitness Sandwich

Top our Fitness sandwich with salami, cucumber and wild garlic cream cheese to make a simple but delicious sandwich.

Ingredients for 10 sandwiches:

10 Fitness sandwiches, item no. 1039
100 g  Lollo Rosso
2  Cucumbers
400 g  Wild garlic cream cheese
450 g  Salami


1. Cut the Fitness sandwich at a slightly diagonal angle towards the back and spread the wild garlic cream cheese on top.

2. Cover the bottom part generously with lollo rosso and drape the salami slices over the salad. Then place the cucumber slices on top.

3. Put the lid on and serve the sandwich.

TIP: Take the cream cheese out of the fridge about 2 hours beforehand to make it easy to spread.

Fitness Sandwich