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Ready-made lye products

First-class lye products, but no capacity to bake? No problem with the ready-baked lye products in premium quality from EDNA! But we don't stop at pretzels and pretzel sticks - our range also includes pretzel minis, unique pretzel brioche burgers and all kinds of pretzel rolls for a savory snack. See for yourself!

Advantages of ready-baked lye products

  • Uncomplicated and quick
    Just defrost and top or serve.
    A great solution, especially when there is a shortage of staff.

  • Partially pre-cut
    Hygienic and clean, reduces the risk of injury.

  • Always the same baking result since they come ready-baked.
    Lye pastries are very sensitive products and not easy to bake.

  • Save energy, because there is no baking.


  • Time pressure is taken out of the daily routines.
    Just defrost and serve or top.

  • Huge selection of different ready-baked pretzel products-> widest and deepest pretzel assortment worldwide.
    All industry needs on the market can thus be met.

  • Highest product quality