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Organic Mini-Gourmet-Selection, 6 diff. sorts

Item no. 1147
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Designation of the food item: Organic wheat breads

Organic bread mix box consisting of:
- Organic sliced rolls (1)
- Organic sesame pot (2)
- Organic Kaiser poppy (3)
- Organic lye rod (4)
- Organic multigrain sun rose (5)
- Organic lye nodes (6)

With this mixing box you get six different rolls in the finest organic quality. The rolls are made only from selected ingredients such as the sea salt from Guérande Le Guérandais and therefore meet even the highest quality standards.

- Different shapes and flavours
- Organic quality
- Ideal for your breakfast buffet

Controlled by the organic inspection body DE-ÖKO-006

Made from 100% natural ingredients, excluding the pretzel lye.

This item is vegetarian.

Organic sliced rolls: l 9.0 x w 6.0 x h 5.0 cm
Organic sesame pot: l 10.0 x w 6.0 x h 4.5 cm
Organic Kaiser poppy: l 7.5 x w 7.5 x h 4.0 cm
Organic lye rod: l 14.0 x w 4.5 x h 4.5 cm
Organic multigrain sun rose: l 7.5 x w 7.5 x h 3.0 cm
Organic lye nodes: l 7.5 x w 7.5 x h 4.0 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 35 g, 180 pieces / carton
28 cartons/pallets

20 minutes defrost and warm up at 180°C 3-5 minutes.