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Privacy Policy

Department responsible for this website

EDNA International GmbH
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Name and address of the Data Protection Officer

SECUWING GmbH & Co. KG | Data protection agency
Maximilian Hartung
Frauentorstrasse 9
D-86152 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 90786458


Every citizen has the right secured by the Constitution to determine how his or her personal data are used. For this reason, we are duty bound to protect the data that you entrust to us when you visit our website. In the following we would like to show you which data we collect from you, what happens to these data and what security precautions we have taken to protect these data from abuse. We wish to provide this transparent, comprehensible information about our privacy policy so that visitors and customers are well informed about the collection, processing and use of personal data.

Personal data

Personal data are all pieces of information which relate to an identified or identifiable private individual (for example name, address, phone number, date of birth or email address). In principle you can use our website without entering any personal data. However, the use of certain services may require personal data to be entered, for example for registration purposes or to enter a competition. If you wish to use services which require a contract to be concluded, we will ask you to register. During the registration, we collect the personal data required to conclude and fulfil the contract (for example forename, surname, date of birth, email address and, if applicable, details of the required payment method and account holder) and possibly other data which can be provided voluntarily.

Collection and processing of personal data

We collect and process the following data:

Basic data: If a contract is to be concluded, drafted or amended between you and us, we collect and use the personal data required for this in the form of master and contact data, such as name, invoice and delivery address, phone and/or fax number, method of payment, bank details, etc.

Billing data: We also collect the personal data required for processing an order and making a delivery, such as the products ordered, prices, date and time and the status of the order.
Other personal data will only be saved if they are entered by you of your own accord, for example if you submit an enquiry, complete a registration or to fulfil a contract, and these data may be collected and used under the statutory regulations.

Legal basis and objectives for processing

  • We process your personal data for the following purposes:
  • Provision of this website and contract fulfilment as set out in our conditions of use / general terms of business.
  • Customer management and customer support (customer account)
  • Our own and third party publicity as well as market research and range measurement within the scope permitted by law and consent-based (in particular publicity by mail or email).
  • Sending an email newsletter.

Justified interests in processing

If the processing of personal data is based on Article 6 f of the GDPR, our justified interest is the completion of our business activity, particularly the well-being of our employees and company owners.

Disclosure of data to third parties

Your personal data will generally only be disclosed to third parties if this is necessary to fulfil the contract, we or the third party has a justified interest in disclosure or you have granted your consent for this. If data are sent to third parties on the basis of a justified interest, this will be explained in this privacy policy. Furthermore, data may be sent to third parties if we are obliged to do so by statutory regulations or by enforceable official or court orders.

Service providers

We reserve the right to use service providers to collect and/or process data. Service providers will only receive the personal data from us which they actually require for their work. For example, your email address may be disclosed to a service provider so that the provider can supply you with a newsletter you have ordered. Service providers can also be engaged to provide server capacities. Service providers are generally engaged on the basis of being so-called order processors and may only process the personal data of users of this website on the basis of our instructions.

Data protection in application procedures

To complete the application procedures, we collect personal data from applicants. These data are then saved if a contract of employment is concluded to manage the employment relationship. We comply with the statutory regulations in this respect. If an applicant is not employed, the application documents will be deleted at the latest after a period of six months. An exception to this is if we must keep the application documents, for example for evidence purposes in a procedure relating to the General Equality Law or if other justified interests exist. If we wish to keep application documents in our applicant pool in the long term, we will ask for your consent to do so.

Duration of storage; archiving periods

We will store your data as long as required to provide our online offering and the service is linked to it or we have a justified interest in continuing to store them. In all other cases, we will delete your personal data with the exception of those data which we must continue to hold to meet contractual or statutory (for example tax or commercial) archiving periods (for example invoices). Contractual archiving periods may also apply from contracts with third parties (for example owners of copyright and related rights). Data which are subject to an archiving period will be blocked until the period has elapsed.

Log files – user data

Each time you use the internet, your browser automatically sends certain information which is saved by us in so-called log files.
The log files are stored by us to identify faults and for security reasons (for example to investigate attempted attacks) for 7 to 10 days and then deleted. Log files whose continued storage is necessary for evidence purposes are excluded from this deletion until the final classification of the incident concerned and may be disclosed to investigation authorities in individual cases. The provision of personal data may also be required by law (for example by tax regulations).

The log files in particular include the following information:

  • IP address (internet protocol address) of the device from which the website is accessed;
  • Internet address of the website from which the online offering was accessed (so-called origin or referrer URL);
  • Name of the service provider through which access was gained to the online offering;
  • Name of the files or information viewed;
  • Date and time and duration of the viewing;
  • Volume of data transferred;
  • Operating system and information about the web browser used including installed add-ons (for example for the Flash Player);
  • http status code (for example "Query successful" or "Requested file not found").

User data: Furthermore, on this website, data are collected and stored relating to the use of our internet offering. These user data include, for example, identification features (for example login data) and details of the start and end and scope of your use of our website; furthermore, the IP address, the browser used, including any plug-ins used and screen resolution, click pass, entry and exit page from which you visit our website or to which you go after leaving our website and the ID in the browser cookie are collected and saved.

User profiles:User profiles are created from the user data described above using a pseudonym. The user data are not used without the special consent of the data subject to personally identify visitors to this website and are not merged with personal data about the holder of the pseudonym. You may object to the creation of these user profiles at any time with effect for the future.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are sent when you visit a website and are saved in the user's browser. If the same website is opened a second time, the user's browser returns the content of the cookies, enabling the user to be recognised. Certain cookies are automatically deleted at the end of a browser session (so-called session cookies), whilst others are saved for a specified period or permanently in the user's browser and are then deleted automatically (so-called temporary or permanent cookies).

How can you prevent the use of cookies or delete cookies?

You can disable the saving of cookies using your browser settings and delete any cookies that have already been saved at any time in your browser. Please note, however, that this website may not function or may not function fully without cookies.
Please also note that objections to the creation of user profiles will work in part using a so-called "opt-out cookie". If you delete all cookies, any objection will therefore no longer apply and a fresh objection will have to be lodged.

What sort of cookies do we use?

Essential cookies
Certain cookies are required to enable us to provide our website securely. This category includes, for example, cookies used to identify and authenticate our users; cookies which temporarily save certain user entries (for example the content of a shopping cart or an online form); cookies which save certain user preferences (for example search or language settings); cookies which save data to ensure the smooth playback of video and audio content.


Solutions and technologies created by econda GmbH to collect and save anonymised data and create user profiles from these data using pseudonyms to ensure that this website is easy to use and to improve it. Cookies able to recognise a web browser can be used for this purpose. However, user profiles will not be merged with data about the holder of the pseudonym without the express consent of the visitor. In particular, IP addresses will be rendered unrecognisable immediately on receipt which means that it will be impossible to assign user profiles to IP addresses. As part of the "cross-cell", your user profile will be linked to your customer account / profile. This will enable us to draw your interest to tailored, bespoke offerings and to adjust the display in our web shop accordingly. Visitors to this website can object to this data collection and storage at any time with effect for the future. This objection shall only apply to the device and the web browser on which it has been set. If necessary, you must repeat the process on all your devices. If you delete the opt-out cookie, queries will again be sent to econda. Visitors to this website can object to this data collection and storage at any time with effect for the future:


Data subject rights

You have the right to information and, in certain conditions, to the correction, deletion, restriction on processing or cessation of the processing of your personal details and, as from 25 May 2018, to data transferability. You can also object at any time to the processing of your personal data for publicity purposes ("publicity objection"). Please note that for organisational reasons, there may be an overlap between your objection and the use of your data in a campaign which has already started. If you have granted us consent to process your data, you can revoke it at any time with effect for the future. The legality of processing your data will not be affected until the date of such revocation. Please use the information at the start of this privacy policy to exercise your rights. In this respect, you should ensure that we are able to uniquely identify you.

Right to complain to the supervisory authority

You are entitled to submit a complaint to a data protection authority. To do so, you can contact the data protection authority responsible for your place of residence or your federal state or the data protection authority responsible for us. This is: Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA), Promenade 27, D-91522 Ansbach,


We or our Data Protection Officer will be delighted to provide you with information and ideas on the subject of data protection if you contact us using the email address If you wish to contact us, you can use the contact details at the start of this privacy policy. Security precautions and technical notes All the employees at our company receive regular training on data protection and are committed to data protection. Our computer centre and our in-house IT Department continuously adjust the technical security precautions to suit current circumstances and requirements. Both are subject to continuous checks by our internal processes and the Data Protection Officer. Nevertheless, internet technologies may contain security loopholes which cannot guarantee one hundred percent protection. This is why our users can also send us data using other contact methods such as phone or fax.

You can adjust the data protection settings for your browser using the following technical notes.

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