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EDNA Company

EDNA Company

EDNA International GmbH is specialized in the production and distribution of frozen bakery products, fine foods and non-food products for all branches in the sectors HoReCa and Bake-Off. Founded as a small country bakery in 1951, the company experienced a rapid expansion over the following years and nowadays offers with more than 1,000 different bakery products and over 8,500 service articles the largest full range of frozen bakery goods in Germany. With new products added to the range every year, a quick reaction to market modifications and to changes in consumer appetites is further ensured.

The success of EDNA products is in the first instance due to their consistent top quality and outstanding customer service. Being certified for manufacturing in three production plants throughout Germany and the selection of top suppliers from Germany and other countries ensure to sustain these standards. Even in early days, these fundamental principles enabled EDNA to establish itself in further markets and to generate increasing sales in other European countries, where a number of sales outlets – at present there are four - in France, Austria and Switzerland were set up in order to supply customers reliably. Today more than 40,000 satisfied customers in Germany and abroad trust in EDNA’s product quality and service – put your trust in us, too.