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Value-based compliance is an indispensable component of our daily business and implies that our company sticks to rules and law. Our Compliance Management System (CMS) comprises fundamental principles and measures to encourage rule-consistent behaviour not only within our company but also within our operating environment. The agenda 2030, adopted in September 2015 by the 193 member states of the United Nations, forms the basis of the EDNA sustainability strategy with its 17 goals for a sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals), thus playing an essential role in our Compliance Management System.

17 goals

EDNA’s business virtues are based on the concept of the respectable businessman. Our distinctive sense of responsibility for the company itself as well as all of our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, for our society in general but also the environment is always present within our employees. We prioritise sustainable business practices, bearing all relevant stakeholders in our environment in mind. Healthy and continuous growth as well as long-term economic success across generations is our goal.

Explicit company agreements as well as position papers such as EDNA’s anti-discrimination policy, our anti-alcohol as well as anti-drugs policy, a declaration on the prevention of child labour or our anti-bribery provisions for dealing with business partners replenish our value-based and rule-consistent Compliance Management System, which is consistently enhanced and extended to include current developments.

Honesty, reliability as well as integrity are in a close relationship with EDNA’s Corporate Social Responsibility. The executive board and managers actively living our values as well as periodical training courses on our Compliance Management System consistently ensure law-abiding, fair but also sustainable actions as well as business practices in all respects.