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Sweet mini snacks, 4 different sorts

Item no. 283
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Designation of the food item: Puff, choux and deep-fried pastry & croissants

With the sweet mini mix box, you will bring the variety and diversity to any breakfast buffet. It cointains fully baked minis in the following varieties:
- 22 pieces mini apple turn-over Art. 2633 (1)
- 28 pieces mini choux ring with cinnamon sugar Art. 4100 (2)
- 40 pieces mini butter croissant Art. 2632 (3)
- 35 pieces curd cheese kisses Art. 2416 (4)

The small pastries are easy to handle and ready to serve in no time. They are perfect as Fingerfood, as tasteful bites during a conference break or as a sweet addition to the breakfast. Just let it thaw and enjoy.

- Favourite minis only in one box
- Perfect for conference and breakfast buffet
- Just let it thaw and serve

This item is vegetarian.

Mini apple turn-over: l 8,0 x w 6,0 x h 3,0 cm
Mini choux ring with cinnamon sugar: Ø 3,0 cm, h 6,0 cm
Mini butter croissant: l 11,0 x w 5,0 x h 4,0 cm
Curd cheese kisses: l 6,0 x w 4,0 x h 4,0 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 25 g, 125 pieces / carton
56 cartons/pallets

Defrost: at room temperature 60 minutes.