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SG-Mini Danish pastry selection, 5 different sorts

Item no. 1692
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Designation of the food item: Puff pastry filled

Mixed box of five different varieties of Danish pastries made from selected ingredients and with the best vegetable margarine. The sweet pastries in trendy flavours are small bites which are wonderfully crispy and succulent. Ideal for your buffet.

Consisting of the varieties:
- Mini Danish with peach melba, 40 g (1)
- Mini Danish with cream, 40 g (2)
- Mini kiwi pastry, 40 g (3)
- Mini puff pastry roll with almonds, 35 g (4)
- Mini nut comb, 40 g (5)

- Five trendy flavours in just one box
- Made from the best vegetable margarine
- Baked golden brown with a short bite
- For the breakfast buffet
- For the conference break

This item is vegetarian.

Mini Danish with peach melba: l 5.3 x w 5.3 x h 1.4 cm
Mini Danish with cream: l 5.3 x w 5.3 x h 1.4 cm
Mini kiwi pastry: l 7.7 x w 5,5 x h 2.4 cm
Mini puff pastry roll with almonds: l 6.0 x w 4.7 x h 2.0 cm
Mini nut comb: l 8.4 x w 4.9 x h 2.1 cm

Convenience level: preproved, deep frozen

Weight 39 g, 100 pieces / carton
104 cartons/pallets

Without defrost, bake at 190°C for app. 14-15 minutes. Vent open!