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Pretzel Burger Bavarian Style, sliced

Item no. 2668
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Designation of the food item: Lye pastry

Try our extra large pretzel burger in 5 inch size: The particularly juicy bun is not only convincing in terms of taste, but also visually the pretzel bun with the dark brown shiny crust really makes something. In addition, the Pretzel burger is already baked as well as pre-cut and thus guarantees a quick preparation of delicious burgers or sandwiches.

- ideal for savoury recipes
- attractive appearance

Made from 100% natural ingredients, excluding the pretzel lye.

This item is both vegan and vegetarian.

Measurements: Ø 13,0 cm, h 3,5 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 115 g, 40 pieces / carton
44 cartons/pallets

Nutritional values
energy 1130 kJ / 271 kcal
fat 2,8 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0,4 g
carbohydrates 50,0 g
thereof sugar 1,5 g
protein 9,3 g
salt 1,4 g

All data refer to 100 g

WHEAT FLOUR, water, DURUM WHEAT SEMOLINA, yeast, sunflower oil, MALTED BARLEY extract, WHEAT SEMOLINA, salt, MALTET BARLEY, MALTED WHEAT FLOUR, WHEAT GERM, WHEAT GLUTEN, MALTED BARLEY FLOUR, acerola juice concentrate, pretzel lye (acidity regulator sodium)
15-20 minutes defrost and warm up at 100°C 6-8 minutes.