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Premium pizza with salami

Item no. 1862
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Designation of the food item: Pizza with salami, tomato and cheese

Premium pizza with exquisite ingredients and rounded off with Mediterranean herbs. Air-dried noble salami, spicy pepperoni salami and a balanced cheese mix of Gouda and Edam on a pizza dough base that looks like it was made by hand ensure pure pizza enjoyment! The pizzas stay fresh for a long time thanks to a special recipe.

Measurements: l 17,5 x w 12,0 x h 1,8 cm

Convenience level: preproved, deep frozen

Weight 186 g, 24 pieces / carton
88 cartons/pallets

Nutritional values
energy 1037 kJ / 247 kcal
fat 8,5 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 3,6 g
carbohydrates 31,1 g
thereof sugar 3,5 g
protein 10,2 g
salt 1,98 g

All data refer to 100 g

WHEAT FLOUR, water, tomato sauce (14%)(tomato, water, olive oil, sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, basil, iodised salt (salt and potassium iodide), sunflower oil, CHEESE, salt, starch, spices, garlic, onions, herbs, lemon juice concentrate), EDAM CHEESE-GOUDA CHEESE MIXTURE (8%)(MILK, salt, starter culture, microbial rennet), salami (6%)(pork, bacon, iodised salt (salt and potassium iodide), dextrose, spices extract, spices, maltodextrin, beetroot powder, antioxidizing agent(sodium ascorbate, rosmarin extract), preservative sodium nitrite, beech wood smoke), Chilli salami (5%)(pork, bacon, nitrite curing salt, spices, dextrose, spices extract, antioxidizing agent(ascorbid acid, sodium ascorbate, rosmarin extract), smoke), yeast, rapeseed oil, iodised salt (salt and potassium iodide), sugar, stabilizers guar flour, MALTED WHEAT FLOUR, emulsifier ditartaric acid ester from mono and di-glyceride of fatty acids, acidulant regulator calcium carbonate, raising agent(diphosphate, sodium carbonate), basil, flour treatment agent(ascorbid acid, amylase, hemicellulase), origano
Oven preheat and bake at 170-200°C for app. 13 minutes.

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