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PartyBurgerMixBox, 4 different sorts

Item no. 1160
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Designation of the food item: Wheat roll/pastry

25 party burgers per variety:
- FF-Mini Burger Sesame (1)
- FF-Mini Yellow Burger Sesame (2)
- FF-Mini Red Burger Sesame (3)
- FF-Mini Black Burger Sesame (4)

This burger bun mix box scores with its trendy colours, handy size and easy handling. Attract the attention of your customers and guests with attractive recipe ideas and a great, varied look. As trendy finger food, a small snack or component of a delicious burger menu, the PartyBurgers simply taste good to everyone.

- Practical size for the buffet
- Quick and easy to prepare
- Popular trend product
- Without added sugar

This item is both vegan and vegetarian.

Measurements: Ø 6.5 cm, h 3.5 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 30 g, 100 pieces / carton
60 cartons/pallets

Preheat oven to 210°C. Bake for 2-3 at 170°C minutes with little steam or defrost: at room temperature 35-45 minutes.