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Mixed box ‘Macarons N° 1’, unfilled

Item no. 70313
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Designation of the food item: Macarons, 6 different flavours

The light almond biscuits are baked using a French recipe. Simply fill the ready-baked half shells with mousse, jelly or creams and fold them together - your personalised macaron recipe is ready!

The macarons are packaged in flavour-protected trays to prevent breakage.

Mixing box consisting of:
- 96 x macarons, pink
- 96 x macarons, brown
- 96 x macarons, green
- 96 x macarons, natural

To fill a box of macarons (384 half shells) you need approx. 670 g of mixture.

- For patisserie, confectionery and chocolaterie
- Four different colours in one box
- Baked according to a French recipe
- Flavour-protected packaging
- Readily available macarons, 6 different flavours

Abmessungen: Ø 3.5 cm

Weight 2.4 g, 384 pieces / carton

Nutritional values
energy 1965 kJ / 467 kcal
fat 16,1 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 3,7 g
carbohydrates 74,0 g
thereof sugar 73,5 g
protein 5,7 g
salt 0,60 g

All data refer to 100 g

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