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Mini snack box, 4 different sorts

Item no. 1218
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Designation of the food item: filled wheat rolls

Small snacks with hearty Gouda served in different ways:
- ham and pineapple curry cream (1)
- Kabanossi with classic pizza sauce (2)
- black and green olives with basil cream (3)
- Broccoli with spring herbs cream (4)

The mini-pizzas are the perfect snack for in between. With this mixing box, each of your customers and guests will get their money's worth, whether vegetarian or meat lover, here is the right pizza for everyone.

- Variety of flavours in a box
- Ideal for your hearty buffet
- Ready to serve in no time

Measurements: l 7.5 x w 5.5 x h 3 cm

Convenience level: parbaked, deep frozen

Weight 40 g, 72 pieces / carton
78 cartons/pallets

10 minutes defrost. Oven preheat and bake at 170-200°C for app. 10-15 minutes.