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Mini mix "Sweet"

Item no. 1491
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Designation of the food item: butter plunder dough pastry, filled

Mixed box with mini butter biscuits in four delicious flavours:
- Mini chocolate slice (1)
- Mini nougat and vanilla slice (2)
- Mini raspberry and quark slice (3)
- Mini cherry and vanilla slice (4)
There is something for everyone in the variety of this mini Danish pastry box. Choose between creamy, chocolatey and refreshing, fruity fillings to put a smile on the faces of your guests and customers.

- Four fine varieties in a box
- Perfect for sweet buffets
- Containing 11 % or more of butter

This item is vegetarian.

Mini chocolate slice: l 7.0 x w 5.5 x h 3.5 cm
Mini nougat and vanilla slice: l 6.4 x w 5.5 x h 2.8 cm
Mini raspberry and quark slice: l 7.0 x w 5.6 x h 2.8 cm
Mini cherry and vanilla slice: l 6.8 x w 6.0 x h 2.8 cm

Convenience level: preproved, deep frozen

Weight 37.5 g, 100 pieces / carton
120 cartons/pallets

15 minutes defrost. Preheat oven to 190°C and bake for 20-22 minutes at 165-175°C with a lot of steam.