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Mini Viennoiserie Selection, 3 different sorts

Item no. 1977
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Designation of the food item: Danish Pastry

Mini Butter Mixed Box in four varieties:
- 75 x Mini Butter Croissants (1)
- 75 x Mini Butter Chocolate Buns (2)
- 75 x Mini Butter Raisin Buns (3)
- 50 x Mini Chocolate Cream Twister (4)

The sweet mixed box captivates with mini pastries made of fine butter puff pastry and is the perfect addition to your cake or breakfast buffet. Several delicious varieties in one box give your customers and guests more choice, so there's something to suit every taste.

- Four highlights in one box
- Baked with pure butter
- Ideal for a varied breakfast or conference buffet
- Also suitable as finger food

This item is vegetarian.

Mini Butter Croissants: l 8.0 x w 4.0 x h 3.0 cm
Mini Butter Chocolate Buns: l 5.0 x w 5.5 x h 2.5 cm
Mini Butter Raisin Buns: l 6.5 x w 5.5 x h 2.0 cm
Mini Chocolate Cream Twister: l 12.0 x w 3.0 x h 2.0 cm

Convenience level: preproved, deep frozen

Weight 32.5 g, 275 pieces / carton
40 cartons/pallets

30 minutes defrost and bake for 14-17 minutes at 220°C with steam.

Unox baking program: With this program you will reach a perfect backing result 6.