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Mini Rustic Roll Selection, 4 sorts

Item no. 809
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Designation of the food item: Wheat roll

Mixed box of 30 mini buns each in the four varieties:
- Mini-rye rolls (1)
- Mini-Vital rolls with sunflower seeds (2)
- Mini-Rye roll with sunflower seeds (3)
- Mini-Malt roll (4)

Rustic rolls with a hearty sprinkling or a dusting of flour make for an attractive eye-catcher in the bread basket. These particularly aromatic minis with roasted malt, linseed, oats and wheat bran are a welcome change from classic wheat rolls and taste just as good as breakfast rolls as they do with snacks and snacks.

- Completely without additives
- Variety at the buffet
- Artisan look

This item is vegetarian.

Mini-rye rolls : l 6,0 x w 5,0 x h 3,5 cm
Mini-Vital rolls with sunflower seeds: l 7,0 x w 5,0 x h 3,5 cm
Mini-Rye roll with sunflower seeds: l 12,0 x w 5,5 x h 3,5 cm
Mini-Malt roll : l 12,0 x w 5,5 x h 3,5 cm

Convenience level: parbaked, deep frozen

Weight 35 g, 120 pieces / carton
44 cartons/pallets

fanassisted oven/multiple hearth furnace: Bake for 10-12 min. at 190°C with steam.

combi steam oven: only at the beginning little steam, open the flue for the last third of the baking time