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Mini Croissant Mix Box, 3 diff. Sorts

Item no. 1764
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Designation of the food item: croissant

Mini croissant mixed box consisting of three varieties of 75 pieces each:

- Mini Butter Croissant (1)
- Mini Corn croissant (2)
- Mini Butter Croissant with seeds (3)

Enrich your breakfast buffet with the versatile Mini Butter Croissant Box. With these delicacies, you'll delight guests and customers of all ages right from breakfast.

- Taste good sweet and savoury
- Baked with high-quality butter
- In mini format, ideal for buffets

This item is vegetarian.

Mini Butter Croissant: l 8.0 x w 4.2 x h 2.8 cm
Mini Corn croissant: l 10.5 x w 3.5 x h 3.0 cm
Mini Butter Croissant with seeds: l 9.1 x w 3.9 x h 2.9 cm

Convenience level: preproved, deep frozen

Weight 28.3 g, 225 pieces / carton
64 cartons/pallets

Oven preheat and bake at 165-175°C for app. 18-22 minutes. Open the flue for the last third of the baking time. French Butter Croissant: little steam Mini grain cresent: a lot of steam