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Croissant filled with nut-nougat cream

Item no. 5150
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Designation of the food item: Croissant, deep frozen

Treat your guests and customers with a butter croissant lavishly filled with nut nougat cream. The crispy puff pastry with a butter content of 19% has been decorated with sliced hazelnuts. Serve this delicious pastry as a quick to-go snack or serve it with coffee and tea in the afternoon, this sought-after classic always tastes great.

- Selected ingredients
- Readily decorated
- Especially popular

This item is vegetarian.

Measurements: l 15,5 x w 7,0 x h 3,5 cm

Convenience level: preproved, deep frozen

Weight 100 g, 64 pieces / carton
40 cartons/pallets

Nutritional values
energy 1554 kJ / 372 kcal
fat 19,4 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 9,1 g
carbohydrates 40,7 g
thereof sugar 11,3 g
protein 7,3 g
salt 0,86 g

All data refer to 100 g frozen goods

Put deep frozen onto the baking tray. Bake for 20-22 minutes at 165°C-175°C with a lot of steam. open the flue for the last third of the baking time