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Catering slices, 3 assorted

Item no. 2636
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Designation of the food item: Mixed and shortcrust pastry with various toppings

Sheet pre-cut into 48 portions

Mixed cake box consisting of:
- Grandma's apple cake (1)
- Brownie (2)
- Raspberry cheesecake (3)

This cake mix box contains three popular cakes in just one box. The sheets are pre-cut into 48 equal portions - an ideal size for catering, cake buffets and desserts. There is something here for every palate.

- Particularly easy to handle
- Ideal for catering, cake buffets and desserts
- Can be removed from the box as required

This item is vegetarian.

Grandma's apple cake: l 38.0 x w 28.0 x h 4.0 cm
Brownie: 38.0 x w 28.0 x h 3.8 cm
Raspberry cheesecake: l 38.0 x w 28.0 x h 2.7 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 2.07 kg, 3 pallets / carton
48 cartons/pallets

Remove the cake from packaging and in the fridge 6-9 hrs defrost.