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Brioche sandwich, sliced, ready baked

Item no. 1842
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Designation of the food item: Yeast dough pastries

Brioche - a treat in a class of its own. This delicious sandwich is baked from the same dough as our trendy brioche burger. Heated in the contact grill, the sweet flavour of the dough comes into its own. Get creative and top the soft bun with fresh ingredients as you like.

- For hot and cold sandwiches
- Tastes sweet and savoury topped
- Already baked

This item is vegetarian.

Measurements: l 18,5 x w 6,5 x h 4,5 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 115 g, 20 pieces / carton
60 cartons/pallets

Nutritional values
energy 1247 kJ / 296 kcal
fat 4,5 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 2,3 g
carbohydrates 52,8 g
thereof sugar 6,9 g
protein 9,7 g
salt 1,3 g

All data refer to 100 g

WHEAT FLOUR, water, sugar (6,5%), yeast, WHOLE EGG (3,2%), BUTTER (3,2%), salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, sunflower oil, vegetable protein(pea, potato, Faba bean), MALTED WHEAT FLOUR, aroma, dextrose, maltodextrin, spices, flour treatment agent ascorbid acid, starch
May contain: SOYA, SESAME
Preheat oven to 230°C. Bake for 2-5 at 190°C minutes with little steam or defrost: at room temperature 75-90 minutes.