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Bagel selection 3 different sorts, sliced

Item no. 1997
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Designation of the food item: wheat roll

Bagel mix box consisting of 15 pre-cut bagels each of the varieties:
- Chia bagel with chia seeds and herbs (1)
- Lower Carb bagel with reduced carbohydrate content (2)
- Country bagel with carrot cubes and refined with brackish clover (3)
This mixed box contains bagels for a balanced as well as conscious diet and scores with long-lasting satiety, many provitamins and important dietary fibres.

- For nutrition-conscious customers
- A sweet and savoury treat
- Three varieties in one box

This item is vegetarian.

Chia bagel: Ø 9.5 cm, h 3.0 cm
Lower Carb bagel: Ø 10.5 cm, h 3.0 cm
Country bagel: Ø 10.5 cm, H 3.5 cm

Convenience level: ready baked, deep frozen

Weight 75 g, 45 pieces / carton
64 cartons/pallets

Defrost: at room temperature 1,5 hrs.