“Take-away” was always and still continues to be the strongest trend in the out-of-house market. Don’t leave the sandwich business to the major chains – make your own profits in the growing “to-go” business.

EDNA provides support for you in terms of the product line “Sandwich Heaven” such that your take-away business can also offer a full range of innovative products, creative ideas and practical accessories.

HOT SANDWICHES – the trend in 2012

For the total success of your sandwiches we have put together here a few tips for a successful sandwich concept:

  1. A basic selection of “classics” is the starting point for your snack business. You then expand on this with regularly changing special offers and snacks based on seasonal products. Customers are therefore always interested in something new.
  2. Spreads can be made with innovative ideas and this will set you apart from the competition.
  3. A sandwich must show its colors! Sandwich fillings should catch the customers’ eye.
  4. Stay authentic! The fillings and decorations should always suit the roll.
  5. Deco-elements such as fresh basil create an optical attraction. Always use fresh products.
  6. Focaccia and Panini can be toasted in the contact grill and sold as a hot snack. Preparing these breads with fillings in front of the customer is an important feature in underlining “freshness”.
  7. Your wares should of course always be presented as new and fresh and any dried edges or sad salads should always be removed – this is just as important as a well filled counter. Any gaps can be filled with fresh ingredients. This also serves to underline the freshness of the sandwiches.
  8. Always make sure of the correct product designation so that customers can immediately see what they want.
  9. Good sales personnel is decisive. Train your employees regularly so that they can answer all questions competently.

Our new product line Sandwich Heaven is definitely a plus for you and for your customers and guests. We provide our support in the sales of sandwiches and can show you how to exploit this potential turnover to the full.

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Sandwich Heaven by EDNA
Sandwich Heaven by EDNA