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In today’s society, more and more value is placed on a balanced diet. Our product line “all day long” can support you in your efforts to meet these demands.  We guarantee that with these brands, you have top class products that contribute to an increased feeling of wellbeing amongst your customers and guests.

all Day long
all Day long

Organic products

Organic products
Prodotti biologici

EDNA – Your competent partner for organic products!    

Organic foods are foods from ecologic cultivation. The primary consideration is an agricultural economy in harmony with nature. This involves the endeavor to create and manage a nutrient cycle which is as closed as possible, to retain the fertility of the soil and where husbandry is in line with principles of animal welfare.

The term “organic food” is defined by EU law.

The following criteria must be met:

  • the products must stem from controlled ecologic cultivation
  • they must not be gene-modified
  • they are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge
  • they are grown without the application of genetic engineering
  • animal products stem from animals kept in accordance with EG regulations on organic farming and as a rule are treated with fewer antibiotics and growth hormones
  • the products are not artificially ripened or subjected to ionizing radiation
  • the products contain no artificial food additives such as coloring or preservation agents, flavor enhancers, synthetic aromas or stabilizers

Products for special diets

More and more people suffer non-tolerance of certain foods. Some suffer lactose intolerance and others react to the gluten in grains. In addition there are certain groups who keep to specific diets on the grounds of religion or ethics.

We at EDNA offer an extensive range of products for all these needs:

Gluten-free products in the case of gluten intolerance / celiac disorders
Here the small intestine reacts to the protein gluten in many types of grain and may cause inflammation and recession of the mucous membrane.

Lactose-free products for persons with lactose-intolerance
Approximately 15% of Germans suffer from lactose intolerance. They do not have the small intestine enzyme lactase which breaks down the lactose in foodstuffs.

Foods are designated as “kosher” (the Hebrew word for “pure” or “suitable for consumption”) as allowed according to food laws of the Jewish faith

Low Carb – fewer carbohydrates – more protein
Low Carb diet concepts are based on substantially reducing the intake of carbohydrates. This means that going without bread and pasta etc. should keep the blood sugar at a constant level with lower insulin discharge but with high fat loss.

Products for well-being

Traditional cereals, wholefood products and natural foods with non-processed ingredients are the current trend and provide great variety for selection from your range. Not only do they offer diversity but also mostly contain ingredients which are “good for us”.

Here too, at EDNA, we offer you products for a feeling of wellbeing amongst your customers and guests:

Products with spelt wheat – especially well digestible
Spelt is a close relative of the wheat family and for many years now has enjoyed a come-back. Apart from its nutty, full-flavor taste, this traditional grain is full of vitamins and minerals. People who are allergic to classic wheat often find that spelt is a good alternative for them. (Celiac disease sufferers however, should also avoid spelt).

Whole grain products – rich in vital substances
Apart from a high percentage of natural fiber – about 70 percent found in the outer layers – whole grain cereals are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Research has shown that regular consumption of whole grain products under the framework of a healthy diet reduces the risk of heart illnesses, various types of cancer and diabetes type 2 and can also help in weight control.

Wholefood products – healthy and wholesome
Balanced nutrition is deemed a holistic-oriented sustainable concept. In other words, enjoyment, health and responsibility are combined. Its implementation is based on the concept that foodstuffs consumed under the framework of wholefood nutrition should be processed as little as possible. In this way they retain their whole value, i.e. a higher content of their natural components.
"Wholefood" however, also means more than the nutritional aspect: the framework conditions are also influential components as nutrition has always a close interaction with health, ecology, economy and society.

Sel de Guérande – top quality sea salt from Bretagne
This “white gold” from Guérande Le Guérandais has a fine aromatic taste and contains many valuable minerals and trace elements.
It is very popular amongst gourmets and it gives our organic bakery products an extremely full-flavored, aromatic taste. The 100% natural salt is still today produced according to a thousand year old method of craftsmanship in the salt fields of Brittany and contains no additives of any kind.

100 % natural

100 % natural
100 % natural

100 % natural productswithout additives

  • without baking agents
  • free from preservatives*
  • free from artificial aromas and flavor enhancers*
  • free from artificial colorings*

* acc. to law

With the introduction of the new product line “100% natural” EDNA is responding to the current trend for natural and healthy nutrition.

These traditional products are made according to original recipes and with hand-baked appearance.
They are made exclusively from natural raw materials without baking agents or other additives.
The result is baked goods of the finest quality with the full aroma of long dough proving.

All baked goods from the “100% natural” range have good crumb structure and firmness of cut and remain fresh throughout the day.

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